Our Mission

Our goal at Happy Isle Cannabis is to help guide your journey in discovering all that this plant has to offer, and how it can be part of whatever lifestyle choices you embrace. Today’s cannabis consumers have shed the stigmas of old and are enjoying cannabis recreationally as part of a healthy and productive lifestyle.

Whether you are an experienced consumer or trying cannabis for the first time (…or for the first time in a long time), it is important to recognize that the world of cannabis has changed significantly in the last few years.

We encourage questions, curiosity and exploration. Sourcing the products that are right for you is part of our mission. By following a simple rule…”start low and go slow”… you will be assured an enjoyable and safe journey through the new world of cannabis.

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The first question a cannabis consumer should ask themselves is; “what is my preferred method of consumption?”

In the new legal market choice is abundant, not only with the different types of cannabis strains available, but also in the ways in which it is consumed. Understanding the products and how each method of consumption has different effects, onset times and intensities will greatly increase your enjoyment of cannabis.

We have dedicated this section of our website to try to answer some of the more common questions associated with the cannabis plant and its legal use. It is by no means an exhaustive reference but is a good starting place for individuals looking to understand cannabis better. We encourage you to visit us in-store for more information.

If we do not immediately have the answer, we will find it.

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